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Tree removal

Deeply Rooted Tree Care focuses on the health, beauty and longevity of your trees. However, sometimes in order to protect the overall safety and health of your property, a tree that poses a hazard to people or structures should be removed. 


Tree Removal

If you want an Arborist to care for your trees, then hire Jason. I talked to several tree service companies. I had a few trees near the house I wanted to be cut down. When I showed them to Jason, he immediately confirmed that the one being killed by ash bore definitely needed to come down, but asked why I wanted the others to be cut down. He recommended trimming some of the branches near the house, and otherwise letting the healthy trees live. In the end, I saved a lot of dollars, and got a better environmental solution for what I needed – by talking it over with, and using, Jason at Deeply Rooted – a tree care specialist.
-Randy L.

Tree & Stump Removal

Before a tree is removed, one of our certified arborists will provide an assessment of your tree.


Many factors can influence and lead to a tree needing removal. 


See "Indicators" for just a few signs that may indicate a tree may need to be removed.



  • Heaving soil at the base 

  • Fungi growing at the base 

  • Hollow trunk or bark chipping at the base

  • Large cavities in the trunk or scaffold branches

  • Upper crown has hanging or decaying branches

  • Twigs no longer producing buds at tips of branches

  • New sprouts growing at base of tree; sign of stress.



While proactive tree care and maintenance are the ideal way to ensure the longevity of your trees, there may be some options for saving a tree you think may need removal.


Our certified arborists work hard to determine whether there is a reasonable alternative to tree removal that will allow you to keep your tree. 

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If you are concerned about your trees,

contact Deeply Rooted Tree Care today for a consultation.

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