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Tree mapping
Tree inventory and mapping

Trees are an essential part of your property and landscape. Do you know all the different kinds of trees on your property and if they are all healthy?

Our professional tree inventory and management plan is the most efficient and cost-effective way to care for your trees and keep your landscape attractive and safe.

Tree Inventory & Mapping

Deeply Rooted did an amazing job caring for my trees. Jason is a Certified Arborist and literally knows every species of tree and the 'right' way to care for each tree. The 'consultative landscape walk' really educated me on every tree on my property, the issues, and recommendations for care and treatments. The prices are extremely reasonable, especially when I think about the cost of replacing my huge trees. Jason and his team are honest and professional. They are the best in business!

What is a

tree inventory?

A detailed description of each tree in the specified areas of your property, including:

  • Location

  • Species

  • Age

  • Condition

  • Defects

  • Pest or disease problems

  • Overall health

Tree Asseessment Matrix.JPG

What does the inventory contain?

  • Digital map of the trees on your property

  • Color pictures to track tree changes over time

  • Three-year tree maintenance plan to help budget for any future work

  • Annual tree inspections

  • Recommended action

  • Priority rating for each recommendation (high, medium, low, or no action needed)


Why should I inventory?

A tree invetory by a certified arborist will help you to:

  • Minimize your future costs.

  • Address issues before they spread to other trees and cause problems for you and your neighbors.

  • Care for your trees in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Keep trees attractive, healthy, and safe.


To schedule your tree inventory,

contact Deeply Rooted Tree Care today.

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