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Plant health care

Plant health care is a holistic approach to tree care. The focus is on developing and maintaining healthy plants, so they become less susceptible to problems. Deeply Rooted Tree Care’s Certified Arborists will help predict and prevent problems before they happen. 

Plant Health Care

I recently had the opportunity to work with Jason Hipp and Deeply Rooted Tree Care and can honestly say that they exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only was their actual tree work excellent, but Jason and his crew provided knowledgeable guidance to best practices and solutions I hadn't even considered. Their balanced approach took into account both the health of the tree and the needs of the customer, with respect to and for the neighbors. 
-Barbara N.

What is the goal of plant health care?

The goal of plant health care programs is to proactively keep your trees healthy, so they can avoid the decline process. After trees endure repeated, severe or ongoing stressors, they begin to decline. During this time, trees focus on simply surviving and no longer have the ability to thrive. Once they hit a critical point in this cycle, it becomes almost impossible to reverse and get the tree back to health. Through our Plant Health Care programs, we stop trees from hitting this point, by caring for plants and trees each season, they grow healthier and can better resist pests and withstand difficult problems.

What do plant health care programs include?

Deeply Rooted Tree Care customizes each Plant Health Care program to the specific needs of your trees, plants and troubles in your landscape. As part of our approach to tree care, regular inspections allow our Certified Arborists to identify issues early so that treatments can be timed appropriately. Timing is critical for treatments to be effective. Specific treatments include the use of reduced-risk materials to suppress damaging pest populations as well as fertilizers listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Our Certified Arborists provide typed inspection reports so that our clients are always aware of what's going on in their landscape. 

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